Hele familien

Hele familien

mandag den 5. oktober 2020

7 weeks with Parade

Usually I write in Danish, but this time, I will try to do it in English, so that Kirsty can understand (even though Google translate works fine most of the time).

One day - back in July - when it still was summer and hot, we went to visit our friend Pia, who had 2 litters of sheltie-puppies at that time. One of them was totally outstanding - perhaps because he was tri-couloured, and the other 9 were blue merles.

Luckily for me - he was sold already. I had neither the time or the money for a puppy right now, But we fell in love at once. Pia told me, that he was moving to Scotland, so she had to keep him for 7 weeks longer than the other puppies. And then a crazy idea was born in my head. I offered Pia (without asking Bent) that we could take care of this very special Mr. Handsome Parade for the 7 weeks, before he was able to travel to Scotland. Luckily Bent agreed 💖

We met with Pia, Majken and all the puppies on a sunny afternoon. All the puppies are listening to Bent making funny sounds. 

But who wouldn't fall in love with this pretty face?

I did 😍😍😍

And then he moved in. All our dogs are very nice, and they was accepting him at once. Some more than others, but we never had any problems. Here, Blitz and Gimli is looking after him, while he is sleeping.

The family came to see the wonder 💗

And then "scool of life" began. We joined a small agility-competition, and Parade helped me walking with Hazel after our runs. 

We are driving a lot, but Parade learned to behave and relax in the car. Surrounded bye sheltie-frinds.

We went to a bigger city to see shops, cars and people.

Parade made BFF with Gimli and Delta. Gimli loves puppies, and he was in heaven these 7 weeks. Parade was all over him, biting his ears and his coat. And Gimli just accepted. 

He had his little puppy-pen to stay in, when we were teaching our agility-classes Mondays and Thursdays, and quickly he became the love of everyone.

And also, when we were taking lessens twice a month, he joined us. We were lucky, that is was summer and warm.

Parade has mad a lot of friends, while he has been staying with us. Both people and dogs.

He is also great at relaxing. He graps the best bed, and the grown-up-dogs must find somewhere else to sleep.

We went for walks just Parade and me - og doggy-nanny with us. But that was no problem.

He also met the nice ladies at Bent's work. They didn't have any toys, but the one of them had some nice hair. 

While visiting Bent's work, Parade checked out, if Bent has done his work properly.

We went for lots of walks with Delta. Delta became his "mummy". She was always looking after him. If I couldn't find Parade, I just had to look at Delta, because she was always looking after him. 

Even Dazzler hate puppies, he accepted to sleep tight with Parade 💙💙

After having a small K9 run in our local dog-club, Parade tested some of the obstacles from the competition.

But don't mistake him ................... 😲😲😲

Parade is meeting new friends with a relaxed attitude and an open mind.

And is fan-club is growing. 

He is also great at just chilling at the terrasse.

He has been visiting Bent's mum, who is 96 years old. 

And he has learned table-manners.

And at last, we could pick up Kirsty at the airport. She also fell in love immediately. Parade loved her pony-tail.

Mummy took him to the vet - but vet was nice. He got his rabies-vaccine. One step closer to getting ready for travelling.

After the visit at the Vet, we needed a smal rest in the shadow.

We vent to the big tower in the woods. Tower is 45 meters high, and you can see far far away from the top, but Parade was super cool (Kirsty was a bit scared - but she managed 😄)

We met a lady in a wheelchair at the top of the tower. Her name is Aina, and she has been doing para-agility with her dog.

Then we went to Pia's house, and Kirsty met Parade's real mum: Zoola, and all his other relatives.

And of course we should take pictures. All the other dogs looked very interested, while Parade was posing.

Pia is a specialist in making these lovely family-photos, but all that happens "behind the scenes" funny to watch.

Now, time for his departure is getting closer, and Pia came to make ears and paws nice.

Phew, that was a tough day.

Youv'e got mail, Mr. Parade.

In the letter was this nice green harnes. Now travel equipment is ok.

On the last day with us, I suddenly got the idea, that we had to have the big class-picture. A late afternoon, after a day in the club, training both obedience and agility. All dogs vere tired, and Hazel denied to sit. But I got it!
Gimli, Delta, Hazel, Blitz, Tough'Y, Parade and Dazzler.

Sunday morning it was time for the last messurement. Parade is very clever and good at just standing relaxed on the table.

Then we left to pick up Pia for the trip to Jylland. We met Florian and his daddy in Padborg, and they are taking care of Parade for some days, until he is going home to Scotland. Can you see some tears in my eyes? Yes! He is a very special and wonderful puppy. So confident, loving, funny, naughty and loveable. Miss him already.

Thank you Pia and Kirsty, for trusting Parade with Bent and me. We loved every minute. And the house is very quiet now.

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